Frequently Asked Questions

C4 Off-Road recommends professional installation on all LED products, as installation error could damage the LED's or make the LED's appear dim or flicker.  We recommend that all C4 Off-Road products, be tested BEFORE installation, to ensure the LED's are working properly, prior to installing.  You can do this, by hooking up the positive and negative wires directly to a fully charged car battery (DC voltage).  If the product does not work with this first step, again, verify the battery is fully charged and you do not have the wires reversed.  Potential problems that could cause the LED's not to work, appear dim or flicker, after installation, include: a faulty switch, faulty relay, insufficient thickness wire, and improper grounding.  Any damage, as a result of installation error or dis-assembly of product will void all warranties.

Q:  Are C4 Off-Road Products legal for street use?

A: Please check your state and local laws before installing any C4 Off-Road product.  Each state has different policies and procedures for aftermarket accessories.  C4 Off-Road is not responsible for any misconduct, misuse or any fines that you may receive while using our products.  All C4 Off-Road products are designed for off road use.

Q: When should I expect my product?

A:  All in-stock items are shipped out within 7-10 business days.  If a item is back ordered or not in stock, we will provide you with the expected ship date, via the email address you provided at checkout.  We will email you the tracking information once the order is shipped. 

Please note; once the order is shipped, we are not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise, unless it was lost by the shipping carrier.  In which case, we will contact the carrier and verify the package was lost during shipment.  Once we verify the item was lost during shipment by the carrier, we will ship out a replacement product at no cost.  If a order is over $500, a signature will be required by a person over 18 years of age, at time of delivery.

Q: Where do you ship to?

A:  We currently ship within the Continental United States.  If you would like International shipping, please email us at

Q:  Can I run my LED light on 14 volt A/C signal or A/C wall outlet?

A:  No. C4 Off-Road LED lights were designed for DC voltage.  Running LED lights at 14 volt A/C could flicker or appear dim and A/C wall outlet power could permanently damage the LED's.

Q:  What voltage should my C4 Off-Road LED products be run on?

A:  All C4 Off-Road products should be run on DC voltage only.  Running the LED's on any other voltage could damage the LED or cause the LED to flicker or appear dim.

Q:  My Dynamite LED Whip Stick is not working, what should I do?

A.  First, we recommend testing all products prior to use, to ensure the product is working.  Dynamite Whip Sticks have to be grounded properly in order to function properly.  If the fitting is not receiving proper grounding, your Whip Stick will not work.  With this, we recommend professional installation.

Q:  How long is the warranty for my C4 Off-Road product?

A:  We offer a limited 1 year warranty, which can be found here.

Q:  I would like to speak to someone on the phone about a question or concern, is there a phone number for Customer Service?

A:  We prefer to handle most questions via email, but if you would like to speak with a customer service representative, please send us a email at, providing us with your name, phone number, invoice number and topic of discussion.  We will call you back at our first available opportunity.